2019 Vendor Package: 24 Tinctures & 192 Power Shots

$7,248.00 $5,000.00

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What is CBD “Tincture” or “Extract?”

Our CBD Hemp tincture is a preparation made from Hemp derived CBD extract put into nano formulation of 15nm per particle. It is used orally (swallowed) and can also be used in cooking or baking. Our tinctures do not contain alcohol, although many traditional tinctures do. We recommend dissolving our Real Nano CBD in a glass of water or juice for better flavor.

Recommended daily dosage is 5-10mg of our Nano CBD. If you suffer from greater symptoms you can take up to 5 times as much. You cannot overdose but your body will absorb the substance more effectively when you consume our Real Nano CBD in periods. So daily dosage can easily be 50mg of our Nano CBD.




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