nCBD Hemp for Pets

Our CBD tincture is a preparation made from CBD extract put into nano formulation of 15nm per particle. We recommend dissolving our Real Nano CBD in a glass of water or even peanut butter for better flavor for your pet.

It is used orally (swallowed) and can also be used in cooking or baking – pet treats have been a great way to introduce CBD to your pets. Our tinctures do not contain alcohol, although many traditional tinctures do. 


Is this Nano CBD product safe?


Nano CBD is formulated for both topical and internal use. So therefore is non-toxic.

In the centuries of CBD use, there are no known incidences of illness caused by the consumption of Nano CBD.

Also, all Inovatis Pharma products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee they are free of any potential contaminants.

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